Q: When can you trim Oak Trees?
A: The only time to trim Oak Trees is when they go dormant in the fall until April.
Q: Why do I need aeration?
A: Aeration is an important part of your lawn care regimen. A weak or sickly lawn can be the result of too much thatch or of hard compacted soil.
Thatch is the layer of light brown roots, stems, and other plant parts just above the soil. Thatch can prevent water and nutrients from easily reaching the soil and it can make a cozy home for turf attacking insects and disease. Regular aeration helps to reduce the thatch layer. As the soil cores crumble and dissolve into the lawn, they speed up thatch decomposition.
Hard compacted soil can also prevent the roots from expanding and growing deep. Aeration loosens hard soil and creates thousands of mini life-saving pipelines. Water and nutrients end up where the roots can better reach them. Looser soil and better availability of water, nutrients, and air lead to thicker, deeper roots which mean a denser, healthier lawn for you. Annual aeration prevents a lot of potential problems and keeps things looking good.
Q: When is the best time to water?
A: Watering at night is not recommended.
Q: How often should I water my lawn?
A: A watering schedule for your lawn will depend on the maturity of the grass and the amount of rainfall. After the initial watering, newly seeded areas need to be irrigated lightly and frequently - two or three times a day, if possible until the grass begins to establish and mature. Then the intervals between waterings can be lengthened and the amount applied at any one time increased.